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SOSL help

I wrote a piece of SOSL in a VF page controller. The function is to search account with typed name and post number.


[FIND : customerName+'*' IN Name Fields RETURNING Account (Type, Name, Id, House_No__c where Post_Code__c =: postNr)];


I got only 16 records from this SOSL. Many records are missing.  I can't even find the pattern of these records. For example, I search John with postnr 1234, 16 records include John SMITH, Johnna SMITH, Kim JOHN, Kim JOHNNE.


If I make query with SOQL,

Select a.Name  From Account a where a.Name like :customerName+'%' And Post_Code__c =: postNr


It returns all the account whoes name starts with 'John' as I expected and there are196 records. But since we have almost 1 million accounts, SOQL is extremely slow compared with SOSL.


Can anyone help with these? Is there something I miss in the SOSL? Why it makes such big differences?

Thanks in advance.