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Custom Setting List Name field Data Length Problem



 Custom Setting List ,Name field if we enter more then 5 Double byte char then it gives error
Sample data
  関根 秀治


 Is there any restriction in Name field ? For Single bytes its accepting 38 Char.


 It seems 1 double bytes its calculating 9 char .So we can enter 4 Double bytes and 2 Char like this.



An internal server error has occurred
An error has occurred while processing your request. The salesforce.com support team has been notified of the problem. If you believe you have additional information that may be of help in reproducing or correcting the error, please contact Salesforce Support. Please indicate the URL of the page you were requesting, any error id shown on this page as well as any other related information. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you again for your patience and assistance. And thanks for using salesforce.com!

Error ID: 1700040002-861 (91623632)



Thanks and Regards



Hey Thanga,

We are aware of the issue.  If the matter is time-sensitive, please use a workaround of using romanized characters.


Hi Magatron


    Thanks for your replay , OK you are aware of the issue ,for this did u logged any Bug Issue ?

What is mean by aware of the issue its Bug ? If Bug did u logged ? If logged pls inform me .





Just ran into this encoding problem too - more info in blog post Length of “Name” field in “List” setting type custom settings.