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Can I navigate user to named anchor across different pages?

I dont know if there is a better way to do what I want but this is what I am doing.


I have a page with a dataTable. there is a link for each record to open that record in a "thickbox" popup. so far i can only get the changes made to the record in the "thickbox" to pass back to the original page by making a second page to use the same controller as the first page and i load the second page into an iFrame in the "thickbox" with the information for the record i want to change. when you save it just returns you to the first page. this works fine.


What i want to do is after the user clicks save in the "thickbox" i want the opener page to navigate back to the specific record in the dataTable that i edited. a named anchor like behavior.


This is how i wrote it and why i am having a problem doing this. also please let me know if this is just a pure javascript issue and if i should post somewhere else. im reading in several places where it looks like i might be able to do this with javascript but i am posting here to make sure there isnt a completely different approach to my apex which can get this done before i start working on the javascript to do it.


ive taken out as much as i can to only show the fuctionality, removing styles and other visual details.


the datatable and edit link looks like this...


<apex:dataTable value="{!editlineItems}" var="item">


<apex:commandLink target="theiframe2" onclick="openOnload()"						value="Edit" action="{!editProductDescription}">
<apex:param name="pdesc" value="{!item.index}" />						




the thickbox looks like this...


<div id="open-onload" style="display:none;position:absolute;top:0px;left:0px;">
	<div style="border: solid 1px white">
		<div style="border: solid 1px #62aac1">
			<div id="document-ta">
				<apex:iframe src="#" id="theiframe2" height="590px" width="100%" />


 here is how the thickbox is opened...


    function openOnload()
      	var document_ta = document.getElementById('document-ta').innerHTML;

        var t = null;
        var a = '#TB_inline?height=600&width=600&inlineId=open-onload&modal=true'; 
        var g = false;
        tb_show(t, a, g);


here is how i load the second page into the iFrame in the thickbox...



public pageReference edit()
// get the sepcific record to work on	
string editname = ApexPages.CurrentPage().getParameters().get('pdesc');	
Integer i = Integer.valueOf(editname);

// make a copy of the index for the record the user is editing
// so i can work on the same record from another method
workingQuoteLineIndex = i;  	

// get the text i want to edit
customProductDescription = editlineItems.get(i).quoteLine.Description__c;

// open the page with the WYSIWYG editor
return Page.page2;



here is how i save the changes in the thickbox and send the user back to the first page...


public pageReference saveProductDescription()
// update the record to take the value from the editor in the popup
editLineItems.get(workingQuoteLineIndex).quoteLine.Description__c = customProductDescription;

// send the user back to page 1
return Page.page1;



 *** At this point I want to user go get sent back to the specific record they edited in the dataTable.



 I know I can do this with javascript but  here is where I am wondering if a different approach via APEX can get this done...



 If i was sending the user to a new pageReference I could store the anchor value before opening the popup and then use the same anchor when sending them back to the opener window. something like this...



public pageReference saveProductDescription()
pageReference page = new pageReference('/apex/page1#' +storedAnchorValue );
return page;


If the new pageRerence approach is possible i need help understading how i maintain the " state " of the application when I do not use navigation like this...


return page.page1;


 what i mean is if the user works in the application and makes a bunch of changes, those changes are lost if i just send them to a new pageReference.


should i be working on passing the state of my datatable between the pages in the controller?


here is the inner class...


// the innerClass for products
public class productWrapper
public integer index {get; set;} 
public product2 prod {get; set;}
public boolean selected {get; set;}	
public SFDC_520_QuoteLine__c quoteLine {get; set;}


my list is of innerClass records....


public list<productWrapper> editlineitems {get; set;}
{return editlineitems;}


 what i need help understanding is how i pass a named anchor via a new page reference AND maintain the state of the entire application. the application has many objects and values sitting in memory while the user works on it.