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How to upload *.csv file from client???

Hi all,


I have an issue about upload a *csv file to Force.com. My customers want to upload a *csv file to force.com but do not like to use dataloader, I must develop VisualForce page that allows customers can upload file, so anyone can help me this problem??? Please!!!




If you just want to upload the file, you can enable the notes and attachment to the custom object.


If you want to parse the uploaded file and perform some actions on basis of that, you can create a visualforce page and user <apex:inputfile /> tag in it to enable file upload. In the controller of that page you can parse the uploaded file and do the necessary tasks.


- Anshul Verma




Here you might find some suitable information,




They post the way to do it from a Visual force page, for parsing de CSV there is some troubles like for example the limits on String (100,000 characters) here you can find a good start point