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Glenn at MvistaGlenn at Mvista 

Email Service and a Google Group email

We are using Google Apps for our enterpise email and any email forwards we create we set via a Google group.  In creating an Email Service (using the basic unsubscribe example), sending an email directly to the email generated by Google, the really long ugly one  works fine.  However, adding that email the Google group (for example, unsub at <some domain> dot com and forwarding it, does not work.


Any ideas why this is not working?  I added my own email to the group and the message comes through complete and as expected.

Glenn Sullivan 8Glenn Sullivan 8
I know why it is not working, however I do not how to make it work, so I am updating this question and hoping someone can help.  The reason it is not working is the "where Email = :env.fromAddress" part of the example is not reading the Lead or Contact email address, but instead it is reading the Google Group API email address (since the group "sends" the email to everyone in the group).

Does anyone know how to read the sender email from the group message instead of the Google Group email?
Kelly Strauch 11Kelly Strauch 11
Were you able to solve this, Glenn?  Happy to try to help if not.
Glenn at MvistaGlenn at Mvista
Kelly, no I never did, but we use Pardot now so the issue has been "fixed" that way.  Thanks.
Kelly Strauch 11Kelly Strauch 11
Gotcha. Cool, that works. =)