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Custom Link using Global Variable

I have a tabbed set of VF pages and to help navigation I added a "hard coded" custom link:


<a href="https://mySFinstanceGoesHere/a0O/o">Return to View</a



I want to generalize it for all instances using a global variable similar to  {!$Organization.xxxxx} say so that it looks something like:



<a href="https://{!$Organization.xxxx}/a0O/o">Return to View</a


That would allow it to work for all instances. 



I posted it as SF Case but their response was "Unfortunately we don't really support the creation of custom links or buttons"? A strange reply given that custom objects have a dedicated feature for "Custom Buttons and Links" and documentation around linking to Google. 


Any help would be appreciated. 


You might try using the {!Object.Link} which will use your organization domain and the Object ID to get the correct URL for the detail page of that object.  You have to replace Object with a standard or custom object record. 



<a href="{!case.Link}">View Case #{!case.CaseNumber}</a>


 I tried using {$Site.Domain} but that seems to be blank. Maybe only used for Force.com Sites?


<a href="https://{!$Site.Domain}/a0O/o">Return to View</a>





Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do some research around it.

You can use a Custom Setting (hierarchy only) to store the value for each sandbox instance.  You would have to update it each time you refresh your sandbox.


Custom Setting called SFInstance__c with a field URL__c. Then set the value to https://cs1.salesforce.com (or your instance).



<a href="{!$Setup.SFInstance__c.URL__c}/a0O/o">Return to View</a