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The KnightThe Knight 

insufficient access to cross reference entity Id

How can I check from which object the junction object is inheriting the sharing model.It simply shows controlled by parent. But from which parent.I know that the sharing model will be inherited from the first master.



I have junction object with two masters. One master "A" has public read only sharing and the other "B" has public read/write.

I need to link records of  "A" and "B". But I dont have access to A's records and hence the junction record insertion is getting failed saying "insufficient access to cross reference entity Id".



I think the answer lies in your question itself , you dont have access to A and C is a child to A, even though C is a child to B, according to salesforce securtiy model  the most restrictive permissions will take precedence. So you cannot create a record for C ( correct me if i am wrong)


This error comes when you are not referencing the junction object id. Error comes while creating a new user without contactid. Check your code to rectify the problem.


Hope this helps.

The KnightThe Knight

Thanks yvk431. Now  I am inserting the junction object record by Ignoring the sharing rules(In system context) as the user should be able to link the master records.