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naresh johnnaresh john 

renamed standard tab in the package

I renamed standard tab Opportunities as Donations through Rename Tabs and Labels link in the App Setup .I created one app through  App Setup->Create->Apps. 


  The problem is here I am seeing Opportunities  tab only, But not Donations tab. How can I add renamed standard tab to the application(Apps).


Please help me.





Don't get confused by seeing the opportunity tab there. You will see the tab name opportunities rather than changed name, just add this opportunities tab. Come out from there and now see the actual tabs. Here you will be able to see the Donation (renamed) tab.

naresh johnnaresh john

HI thanks for the reply.


   I made a managed package and installed it in another developer account to test. Here I am seeing Opportunities tab only but not Donations Tab.


How to resolve this issue.