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SaleemBaba MohammedSaleemBaba Mohammed 

need a help on tigger to delete a lead



i'm new to tiggers. so i'm not able to delete a lead

and pls explain the tigger context





Okay, well you havent given us enough information. Have you done any programming before ? If you have done any C# or Java, then Learning apex triggers will be easy


Lots of documentation, here http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/index.htm


Have you done Apex development before but you havent done triggers ? if so then check out the above link, and go to the chapter labeled "Invoking Apex", theres a whole section on Triggers.

SaleemBaba MohammedSaleemBaba Mohammed
i'm very familiar with java and c concepts, now i shifted to salesforce in salesforce, i have an little bit confusion with tirgger,batch apex,webservices ,schema(getDescribe, geSObject etc methods in schema in apex so will you give any material on the above mention topic so pls help to get understand the apex without confusion i have go through the link that you suggest thanks saleem



Try downloading the force.com library. It helped me a lot when I started using apex triggers.

Specifically, the Force.com Developers guide. The PDF in the library goes a lot more in depth than the link I gave you earlier, and covers just about every topic in using apex code in combination with salesforce.