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DML commit when errors in trigger

I have a trigger. In this trigger I have a line:


  'Candidate \'' + contactQuery + 
  '\' is already exists. This candidate can\'t be inserted. Existed candidate was updated');



After this line of code I put other line of code to update other record. Something like:


otherContact.Name = 'Test Name';
update otherContact;



Since I have an 'addError' statement in this trigger my 'update otherContact' statement is terminated. How can I update record in this case?


Hi Miha,


Using addError will prevent any changes (and will roll-back if after insert).


Unfortunately there is no way to simply add a warning within salesforce yet.



prathap raoprathap rao

I am facing the same problem too.


The trigger that me and my manager use also has a Trigger.error to notify user when an exception occurs.


We are simultaneously trying to save the exceptions to a custom object as well as create a workflow to send out the exceptions to Customer Service Reps.


The Problem : On Save or update the trigger.adderror message makes the whole transaction roll back since the Update/Insert and Error message are done in the same thread.


We even tried having a future method to save the Exceptions,but the DML Insert did not happen.


My Conclusion: We cannot have "Error" as well as "Commit" together.


I looked up a documentation which spoke about partial Processing.


I am not too sure how to handle this problem.


All that I am looking for is a Message saying"Exceptions Occurred!!! Please Check Exception Log Object" and save the exception simulateously to a custom object.


Please throw some light on how to Solve this issue :(



You can't do this.Triggers can be used to prevent DML operations from occurring by calling the addError() method on a record or field.


Use Database Method Syntax


• SaveResult Database.insert(sObject recordToInsert, Boolean opt_allOrNone | database.DMLOptions
• SaveResult[] Database.insert(sObject[] recordsToInsert, Boolean opt_allOrNone | database.DMLOptions


SaveResult Database.insert(sObject recordToInsert, Boolean opt_allOrNone | database.DMLOptionsopt_DMLOptions)

SaveResult[] Database.insert(sObject[] recordsToInsert, Boolean opt_allOrNone | database.DMLOptionsopt_DMLOptions)


How this methods can help? Do you have any examples?