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Managed Packages - Per-Install Configuration Possible?

I am developing a package which I am planning on making into a Managed Package to allow for upgrades in the future. It uses a few Outbound Messages to call external web services. My issue is that the endpoints for these Outbound Messages will be different per customers installation. I am wondering:


1) Will the customer be able to edit the endpoint URLs once they install the package if it is a Managed Package?


2) Is there any sort of way to create a configuration screen where a customer might enter those URL values to avoid them having to edit the Outbound Messages? Almost like a config file for a traditional application install.


If a customer can't somehow change those values I'm not sure if I can really use Managed Packages unless I can think of some clever workaround.


Any help appreciated!



This is exactly the type of situation that Custom Settings were designed for.