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There's something very wrong with the new changes to these forums

Every time I click the link in an email post reply notification, I get this message.



The link you clicked is requesting an operation that requires authentication, but the authentication failed.
There are five main reasons why this may happen:

1) The link you clicked on was not generated for you, but was intended only for someone else's use to perform an action on their account. If the other person pasted such a link into a message body or you were re-directed to such a link from another link you clicked on, the authentication will fail and you will arrive here instead.

2) The link was valid for you, but your authentication ticket has expired. If this is the case, hit the back button in your browser and refresh the page containing the link. You will then get a fresh ticket and when you click on the link again it will work.

3) Your browser session may have expired. If so, hit the back button in your browser, then refresh the page containing the link you clicked on. You will get a fresh ticket and if you click on the link again it will work.

4) Your browser may be set to not accept session cookies (or the cookie may have been deleted, or you may have been prompted and refused the cookie), in this case you should modify your browser settings to accept session cookies, and/or accept the session cookie if you are prompted, in order to use this site.

5) Your browser arrived at this location from someplace other than this site (an external link or site), or your browser or security software may be set to not send referrer information, in this case you should use the links on this site itself or verify that your browser or security software settings allow sending referrer information, in order to use this site.

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If I close this page, and click the link in the email again, it usually works fine.  It's getting rather annoying though.



I get the same problem with email links, as well as the bookmarked link I keep to advanced search. Simply refreshing the page brings it up correctly, so while there's nothing wrong with the link there's definitely something going on here. Also what the heck is up with Advanced Search? Now there's a tree to click on to select a specific forum, no feedback about what you selected? It's confusing and does not work well.

Hey guys, thanks for letting me know about these errors you're seeing. It seems we have some issues with the cookies not persisting and are working with our vendor to resolve the problem. Unfortunately with Dreamforce and Cloudstock coming up, I've not had much bandwidth to address the issue lately. I promise come mid-December, as soon as DF is over, I'll be making the discussion board issues my priority.


Don't hesitate to contact me directly at if you have questions or feedback. Thanks!

Could you also check on the advanced search "tree" function for forum selection? It was far better when I could simply type in the name of the forum I wanted to search, or even select it from a picklist. The tree just doesn't work.