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How to point button to page created with developer force?

I am trying to invoke apex code after a button is clicked.  I want to avoid using s-controls, and  I have looked at the following link.




I follow the idea, but I don't understand how to do what he says at the end:


All we need now is a custom Opportunity button. Because we used the Opportunity standard controller in the Visualforce page, we can simply have the button point to a the page we created.

Add that button to your Page Layout and all should work swimmingly.


In his example, how would I "point to the page we created"?




Is your button a standard button or one you created/will create?


It is a button I created.  I figured out how to add it to the layout etc.  Please let me know if the code in the URL I cited in my previous post looks like a good solution, using DeveloperForce.  Thanks.