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Image upload using multipart/form-data



I have to upload an image to third party storage server using REST API, It does not support 'base64' content-transfer-encoding and salesforce does not allow to send binary content using string ( I guess), because when we convert blob into string, it gets converted to ascii characters. Is there any way to convert blob into byte [ ] or binary stream to post binary content.


Here is my sample code for the requirement. -



   <apex:inputFile value="{!fileContent}" fileName="{!name}" fileSize="{!size}"/>
   <apex:commandButton value="Upload" action="{!uploadImage}"/>

/************Controller Code*************/

Public Blob fileContent {get;set;}
Public Integer size {get;set;}
public String name {get;set;}

String body = '-----------------------------153501500631101\r\n';
body = body + 'Content-Disposition: form-data; name="Filedata"; filename="testImg.png"\r\n';
body = body + 'Content-Type: image/png\r\n\r\n';
body = body + fileContent.toString() + '\r\n';
body = body + '-----------------------------153501500631101--\r\n';



Any help will be apriciated. Thanks in anvance....






i had a similar use case in the past. apex doesn't support HTTP callouts with multi-part form data.

Thanks Paul for the prompt reply.


It works fine with text/csv content, but I need to upload an image, is there any way in salesforce to convert base64 into binary content with encoding?





No, its not possible to do this.


Try this solution:

I've messed with Blob, Encoding, Decoding and HttpResponse


I'm having similar problem:

I am trying to make HTTP POST request with multipart/form-data, the problem is that the request is sent but without the body part. I was trying the solution:, but it doesn't worked for me. I think it is the same problem as: Will this issue be solved? Is there any alternative to HttpRequest?

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