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Audio notification in SFDC

Dear friends,


I have a requirement, Description is as follows:


1.End user (support guy) will be logged in SFDC.

2.He will be assigned a case by his manager in SFDC.

3. whenever a case has been assigned to support guy, he will get notified by some kind of Beep sound(for 1-2 sec). 


Please let me know if point no. 3 can be implemented in SFDC or not. Any suggetions are highly appriciated. -Thanks



Amit Mittal


I am not sure if we can implement this or not. but you may try using JavaScript function when a case is assigned to a support rep. save the audio file in the documents and call it from the documents or else use a static resource.




Meanwhile i will also do some R&D on this and will get back to you soon.




it can likely be done.  here's how i would attempt to do it


build entire logic in visualforce, using actionpoller that runs as the current user to check to see "hey, do i have any tickets".  if true, play a sound clip stored as a static resource (no idea how it's done in the browser, but i know it's possible).  


then,  create a custom HTML Home Page Component that is an iframe that frames your VF page.  put it in the sidebar, and magic.  if you should the sidebar on all page views, this will naturally work as you'd like, because the action poller will automatically keep running on each page view.


you could also have this VF page trigger javascript to pop a window with the new case, if so desired.

amit mittalamit mittal

Thanks for your quick response. Sure I will try this ,,,