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Trouble defining types using Iterable Batchable

Hello, i'm trying to implement an email service do handle CSV attachments. Since the size of the csv files can be large and i'm already hitting the 200001 script limit, I thought of handling the processing using a batch class.

I'm having trouble defining the batch class.

Each line i get from the csv is a List<String>, so, eventually, a whole file is stored in a List<List<String>> collection. How can i pass this into the batch class ?

I tried many combinations for the start method but it won't accept me Iterable<List<String>> as a valid parameter for the Database.Batchable interface.

My sample code (which doesn't save of course)

private List<List<String>> lines = new List<List<String>>();
/* Start Constructor */
global cvsEmailHandlerBatch(List<List<String>> l)
      lines = l;
global Iterable start(Database.BatchableContext info){
     return lines;

Could anyone help me define the start method ?
Thanks, Orlando.