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naresh johnnaresh john 

Custom object permissions

HI every one,


    I created a managed package with some custom objects. Only system administrator is able to see the records in that objects. How to give permissions to other standard user profiles, so that they also can see the custom object records.(I given all field level permissions).


  Please help me.




Kevin SwiggumKevin Swiggum

This might have to do with the package installation. 

First, make sure the package is actually deployed. Go to Setup->view installed packages, click on the package name, and make sure the Deploy button isn't clickable. If it's clickable, that means the package is installed but not deployed. It's really easy to miss the deployment part of the installation.


Also, when installing the package, there's a screen that asks which profiles should have access. The default is Administrator only. You want to make sure to set that to All users. You might want to tweak those settings within the profiles after installation (e.g., you don't want certain users to have delete privileges) 


Also, keep in mind that the Standard User profiles can't be customized for custom objects. You'll need to Clone those standard profiles to create custom profiles and link those custom profiles to your users instead.