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Call a function in flex application from APEX code.?



I have a flex swf object as a static resource and have embedded in my VF Page...


I am calling a jsp page and retrieving xml data. Now i want to push this data into my flex swf.. how to do it?


I have a function like below in my flex app.


public function BuildTree(str:String):void{




also i have exposed this as a externalinterface call by adding the below code


ExternalInterface.addCallback("BuildTree", BuildTree);


I can call this from a javascript in my VF page and push the xml into it... But since i am getting the xml only during execution of apex code, what should i do? below is my apex code..


public void GetData(){

        Http http = new Http();
        HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
        HttpResponse res;
        res = http.send(req);
        outputText = res.getBody(); 



I will fire this GetData function on click of a button in my VF Page..


This outputText will be a XML, i now want to push this xml into the my flex code by BuildTree function so that my flex app refreshes.... How should i do it?


Thanks and Regards,





I have achieved the above by following method. Please let me know if it is very bad... but it solved my requirement.


I called that function BuildTree in my application's creationComplete event...


In My VF Page code, i put the swf embed object inside a apex:outputPanel control and set it as renderer to my apex controlbutton..... Also i set a flashvar paramter bound to the xmlString from the response.


so when my button is clicked, the output panel is re-rendered, and so the application is built again and the buildtree method is called, this time from flashvar i can retrieve the xml.. :)