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ApexDoc :- A Salesforce Code Documentation Tool

Hi All,

I created one Apex documentation tool just like javadoc. Please share your feedbacks on that.








Aslam Bari


Doesn't work on OS X it looks like


Hi ,

I have updated the code zip with bash script. It should run on *nix systems also.

Let me know if you facing issues.



Aslam Bari

Mike LeachMike Leach

Awesome idea. Not sure why this isn't working on a MacBook Pro :-(



~/Documents/workspace/tools/apexdoc > bash apexdoc.sh ~/Documents/workspace/dev2/src/classes/ output/ sample/test.html sample/test.html 
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
	at FileManager.parseProjectDetail(FileManager.java:312)
	at ApexDoc.main(ApexDoc.java:56)
String index out of range: -1
Invalid Arguments:-
Correct Syntaxt:
apexdoc <source_directory> [<target_directory>] [<homefile>] [<authorfile>]
<source_directory> :- The folder location which contains your apex .cls classes
<target_directory> :- This option is optional. This is to specify your target folder where documentation will be generated.
<homefile> :- This option is optional. This is to specify your contents for the home page right panel
<authorfile> :- This option is optional. This is a simple text file path containing following info.




This works for me on my MBP with Java 1.6:



bash apexdoc.sh ~/Documents/workspace35/UIEnhancements/src/classes


Unfortunately, I've noticed a couple other things:


(1) Entries are only created for classes when there is a comment at the top of the class

(2) Classes which implement or extend another class are mislabeled as the class they implement or extend.


(3) "By default all public properties will be fetched in documentation"  <-- also doesn't appear to be working


And, more obviously, no support for triggers, etc.


Other than that pretty snazzy.





@d3developer and others: Thanks for continue using it and reporting bugs. I am trying to fix each bugs and enhancement you suggesting.

For mac people facing issue, here is a link to follow:




1) Yes, it generates only for classes which has comments on top for now. Will fix it soon

2) Its working all public properties defined as below

public xxxxx myname {get;set;}

public xxxxx myname {set;}

public xxxxx myname {get;}

3) Will see about inner class.


Once i will get this stable enough, i am planning to open source it.



Aslam Bari


I've made some improvements to ApexDoc. Check out the writeup here:http://scox67.blogspot.com/2013/08/sf-apexdoc.html.

In a nutshell, SfApexDoc:


  1. Parses javadoc-style comments and creates HTML documentation
  2. recognizes standard tags such as @description, @author, @date, @return, @param, @see.
  3. creates links to standard Apex types as well as your own classes
  4. includes full class, method, and property signatures - even those that span multiple lines.

I'm actively working on fixing issues and adding features, so please send me a note if you find problems.

Daisy WatsonDaisy Watson
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