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Bug in IDE when doing API-based actions on Windows platforms

Basically, the IDE locks up whenever a non-instant API process is kicked off. Examples include running a validation deployment, refreshing a not-so-small number of items, and basically anything that shows the pop-out progress bar window. This is extremely frustrating, since Eclipse absolutely supports asynchronous background tasks that would not completely halt any other work from being done while the process is running. To top it off, it isn't just Eclipse that locks up, but many GUI based-processes directly attached to Windows Explorer, which basically means, the developer becomes completely useless until the action completes. Also, the Cancel option on this dialog is useless, since it just doesn't work at all.

I just checked with the product owner who says that while this is a known issue, unfortunately they don't have resources to address it at this time. Sorry, i wish I had better news for you.

figured as much. this IDE has been neglected pretty consistently since its creation. i wish SF would just open source it so the community could pick up the slack.