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Regarding apex coding

Hi Its me again....



In orcle  inside one procedure  we are calling  another 3 procedure.....




How to do this thing in apex.



1st procedure.Get_date procedure -- select sysdate from Dual.


2nd.prcedure. select  id,Name, from  account;

                             it will invoke the  1st procedure.


how to doit in apex coding




Here are methods in Apex for this purpose. Methods are the class member defined within the class. And you can call one method from another method.


Public class ABC



 Public void display()            // This is the 1st method


   //  do something…



 Public void show()              // This is 2nd method         


   // do something…


   Display();           //  here we are calling 1st method


   //  do something…..





Hi Thanks its really help ful

Hi, Thanks its Really helpful, Can u tell me how to create task inside the task using apex coding. Can we also create task from case using apex coding. Regards Munmun