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How to pass values to multipicklist field type


How to pass values to multipicklist field type using apex code.

Here is my Requirement:


I have  a Value stored in string now how to pass value of a string to a multi picklist field of an object using apex code.


I have a value stored in a string as:

string str =

004 - Florida;008 - Ohio River;013 - Carolinas;015 - Texas;024 - Gulf Coast;024 - Gulf Coast;030 - Empire State;040 - Sun Coast;032 - Pacific Northw;029 - Rocky Mountain

from my experience, a multi-select picklist is just a string field, that SFDC will parse when editing in the browser.


So if you have your str like you listed you just need to assign it to the field


myCustomMSPicklist__c = str;

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Hi Shaan,


When you save the record then values selected in multiselect picklist will get saved with delimiter ";" . When you want  to prefill the picklist with the saved values then just create a list of string e.g. (A,B) and directly bind it with your class property which is a selectlist.



Ankit Arora

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