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Query on Web service.



Good day,


I am new to web services. I have a requirement to pull set of records from external system to Salesforce. The external system is looking for a number as input from Salesforce. The team is ready to provide WSDL as well. I know that Salesforce can consume the WSDL and parse that as Apex class. I can invoke the methods in that calss to send a request and receive a response.


Is it possible to receive the set of records as response and  dispaly the VF page without storing that in a custom objects?


If yes, how can we retrieve the list of records and process it?


it would be really great if someone help on this.



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You don't have to store the web service response in a custom object. Review the following section of the Apex Dev. guide for details on how to consume an external web service - http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/Content/apex_callouts_wsdl2apex.htm