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Accept an incoming feed.

I have an application I would like to build that accepts an incoming feed.  Has anyone attempted this on the Force.com platform?  The data feed coming in contains an xml message.  I will parse it and take an action although I am happy just saving it in a business object and parsing it later.




An Apex class can make HTTP callouts:




And there's a link at the top there which should help parsing XML.


An application running on a server outside of Salesforce needs to periodically send a data feed to my application.  Actually my application will be on the receiving end of a Post from the other server.  Do you know of a way to configure a Salesforce org to accept those feeds?


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What kind of server is running the application generating the feeds?  Have you looked at the SOAP API?  We've got several toolkits/code samples for integrating back to your Salesforce org with languages like PHP, Java and .Net:




I have looked at the SOAP API unfortunately I have no control over the code running on this other server.  All I can do is configure it and give it a URL to send the feed to.  I may have to use an intermediate server to accept the feed and then use the API to put the data into Salesforce.


Thanks for thinking about his.


I am interested in the same thing.  Periodic pushes of (non-XML) data to salesforce that I need to parse and create instances of a custom object.  I also do not have control over the sender... I can only set the url that gets POSTed to.  Please let me know if you figure anything out.