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Workflow rules are run by whom?

We have a time based workflow rule that updates a field on an opportunity.  When the field is updated by the rule, a trigger is fired.  In the trigger logic, we do different work depending on the user executing the trigger.  Who is the user running the time-based workflow rule?  Is there any way to control who the user is?  We would like to dictate the path taken in our logic (solely user based) but it appears that the user executing the workflow rule is the user who last modified the opportunity.  This is causing problems for us and seems extremely arbitrary.  Is there a workaround?




If I'm not mistaken, time based workflows run as a highest level admin user - for instance a user can trigger a time based workflow that changes the record to a type their profile does not have access to. If you want to workflow to perform differently by user or profile, this criteria needs to be defined within the trigger logic itself.