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Testing with Self-Service Portal Users

I asked this question during the recent webinar, but got no answer.


How do you test apex code that requires the use of self-service portal users when the DML operation to create self-service portal users is not allowed?


For now, outside of my test code, I have to create a dummy account, a dummy contact, and then a dummy self-service portal user. Then I have to hope no one deletes this by accident, or my test code no longer works.


I know that, like users, you cannot delete self-service portal users. But you can create users in Apex test code that go away when the test completes.


Why can't you create self-service portal users in apex code?


Here is an example of your test class you need to use....




The test class is creating customer portal users, not self-service portal users. These are different objects.


How do you create a self-service portal user in a test class?


Also, as the comments note in the code, the customer portal user CANNOT be deleted, even though it is created in a test class. This goes against the whole notion of a test class.


This needs to be fixed at the system level. You can create temporary users in a test class. And these users to NOT count against your license totals. This same fix needs to be applied to all types of users - force.com users, customer portal users, and self-service portal users.


Hey David

Did you ever find out how to make a self service user?

I'm trying with php so I can create more than 50 users at a time.

I think my code is correct.

I get now error but a user isn't created!




I was never able to find any way to create the self-service portal user other than through the User Interface. There is nothing that can be done with the API.


One thing I did find is that through the API, can can reset the password for self-service users. But you cannot create them.


Oh no!

I hate it when documentation lies.

Thanks for your quick response.

Saves me a lot of head banging!