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naresh johnnaresh john 

User needs to create unlimited fields in visualforce page

HI every one,


    If you have any related information for the following requirment please let me know. My requirement is, 


admin has to create unlimited fields(Unlimited means more in number), for the users to enter the data. And also I need to save that data in salesforce.







Imran MohammedImran Mohammed

Can you be more specific with your requirements on what type of fields to be created?

Salesforce has a linitation of 25 Long Text Area fields, 5 rich TextArea fields.

On a whole an object can have upto 500 fields.


naresh johnnaresh john

Thanks for the reply. Client needs to create, text fields, radio buttons,check boxes,select lists. So in a visualforce page clients needs to create this fields according to his requirement. How can I do this through apex and visuafoce.



Please let me know if you need any other information.