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Google Contacts API - Too many script statements

Hi Everyone,


Im working Google Contact Sync app, and is currently working on a utility apex function that will fetch a specific google contact given an email address or a list of email addresses.


However, there are two major pain points for this:


1. the full text query search query parameter is not working, which leads to...

2. The only option is to retrieve all contacts and then search on this result set. However, a major problem is encountered that even if the feed only contains 20 contacts, the script statement limit(200,000) is reached. 


Some metrics:


2 google contacts in feed  = 3400+ statements

10 contacts = 21000 statements


can somebody help me, help will be greatly appreciated.




Ignore the post, it happens that there was something wrong in the code itself which lead to this extremely bad performance(script statements wise). In short, kinda screwed up and lead to somewhat of an infinite loop.


However, my 17 contacts consumed 14K+ statements, looking forward, probably 300-500+ contacts might be the tipping point regarding the script statements governor limits.


To anyone having the same error, anything below 20 contacts and youre reaching the script statements limits, there is something wrong with your code.


Peace out


Hi Edward,


       I am relatively new to Salesforce and am working on the same task. I am constantly getting the exception 'Attempt to de-reference a null object' while trying to create a Contact in Gmail. I am using the code given on following page: http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Contacts_API. After checking, it seems that the problem is in GoogleService.getFeed method. But I cannot find a solution for it. I was hoping you can help me for this.


Thanks in advance,


Hi everyone,
I want to know the basic code of how to get Contacts from gmail to Sales force and update them .The above mentioned link is not working. 
can somebody help me, Any help will be greatly appreciated.