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Record Type & Use

Can u please explain me for what purpose, Record Type has been made in salesforce ?

Please also explain me that why to use it & when to use it ?

Please reply me as soon as possible...


Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

RecordTypes are for 'classification' of records based on an end users business needs, eg. classification of Opportunities into Marketing, Sales, et all

Practical applications / uses :


Have different Page Layouts based on the RecordType , eg. you may want an Opportunity not to be editable once its Closed-Won. This can be achieved by having a trigger or Worklfow changes its RecordType to say 'Closed Won Opp' on this stage transition, which then has a 'Read Only' Page Layout Associated with it.


Picklist Customisation : Lets say you have a picklist Industry on Opportunity, and you may want different values in this say based on the Geography the opportunity is located in, so you created Opportunity RecordTypes for each Geography, eg. Americas, EMEA, etc... and then you can customise the values available in the Industry Picklist for each RecordType.


There are just some illustrative applications which are most commonly used. There might be other elements in your business logic which needs to perform processing differently based on which 'RecordType' your record is.

Prafull G.Prafull G.