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Custom WebService Call from .NET / Unhandled Exception


I have written a custom APEX WebService that I am trying to use in .NET. When I am trying to call a method using webservice, it is giving me a SOAP Header Exception,. Not sure what the exception means and please let me know if i am doing something wrong here. Appreciate your response.
APEX WS Class - 
global class putLocationId {
  webservice String City;
  webservice String State;
  global class LocationInput {
    webservice String GUID; 
    webservice String locationinfo;
    webservice String LocationId;
 global class LocationOutput {
    webservice String errorMessage; 
    webservice boolean Success;
  webservice static LocationOutput createLocationws(List<LocationInput> vlocationinfo) {
     integer newcount = 0;
     List<Location__c> newloc = new List<Location__c>();
     for (integer i = 0; i < vlocationinfo.size() ; i++) {
     Location__c l = new Location__c();
     l.Location_ID__c = vlocationinfo[i].GUID;
     l.Name__c = vlocationinfo[i].locationinfo;
     l.LocationIntStatusLastChanged__c =;
     l.Current_Backlog_Minutes__c = 100;
     l.Postal_Code__c = '03801';
     newcount = newcount + 1;
     insert newloc;
     system.debug(' the locations added:'  + newcount);   
     LocationOutput ops = new LocationOutput();
     ops.errorMessage = 'No Errors from this API';
     ops.success = true;
     return ops;
.NET Code calling this WS is 
            SforceService sforceService = new SforceService();
            LoginResult loginResult = putLocationIdService.login("xxxxxx", "xxxxxxx");
            putLocationIdService locService = new putLocationIdService();
            putLocationId.SessionHeader header = new putLocationId.SessionHeader();
            enterprise.SessionHeader header1 = new enterprise.SessionHeader();
            locService.SessionHeaderValue = header;
            header.sessionId = loginResult.sessionId;
            locService.Url = loginResult.serverUrl;
                LocationInput input1 = new LocationInput();
                input1.GUID = "10101010";
                input1.LocationId = "L1500";
                input1.locationinfo = "Test Location 1";
                LocationInput input2 = new LocationInput();
                input2.GUID = "20202020";
                input2.LocationId = "L2500";
                input2.locationinfo = "Test Location 2";
                LocationInput[] array1 = { input1, input2 };
                LocationOutput output1 = new LocationOutput();
                output1 = locService.createLocationws(array1);
                String error1 = output1.errorMessage;
            catch (Exception e)


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Take out the line that resets the URL, that's only needed for the enterprise or partner APIs.

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Take out the line that resets the URL, that's only needed for the enterprise or partner APIs.

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i would like to suggest you tried with simple webservice which will return boolean/string.

if thats works for you then comment the code in the  createLocationws() method and print the parameters.


thats all i suggests you.




Thanks Simon, removing the reset URL Code worked. I never thought about it. Yeah, the endpoint is getting reset all the time bcoz of that... 


Appreciate your solution...