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Editing Attributes of Standard Fields of Standard object

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                 In Lead object, there is Standard Field called 'Company' having datatype 'String'. I unable to remove it from page layout of Lead as well as It is compulsory on Page Layout. I puzzled why this filed is so restricted and force user to add value to this filed. I checked with its attributes in Data Explorer, it is missing 'Nillable' attribute. I'm not getting way arount to add attribute to this field as 'Nillable'. Please reply if you have solution to edit and add attribute of standard field of standard object.


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Unfortunately there is very little that you can do with standard fields.  You won't be able to stop this field being required, as there is obviously something internal to Salesforce that relies on this (I'd imagine its required to convert to an account).


When we've had required standard fields that we don't care about, we've created a custom 'New' button that provides a default value in the URL, and moved it to a non-obvious location in the code.