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Select the latest TASK with Subject of "Status Update" or move info to Opportunity...Help please

I am completely new to triggers.  I have some basic Java programming skills, but haven't setup any triggers for my organization.


I am trying to create a report (Activities with Opportunities) to show the last activity/task on an opportunity that has the subject of "Status Update".  Please note that an opportunity can have multiple tasks with the subject of "Status Update" as our sales team is constantly (and irregularly) updating these statuses.  I would like to show ONLY the latest one in my report.  I've been on the phone with Salesforce and they were no help here.


I am open to ideas on how to do this:

  1. Perhaps creating a checkbox on the task that marks it as the latest one so that I could use it as a filter for my report
  2. Perhaps moving the info from the "comments" field on the "status update" task to a field on the opportunity whenever a new "status update" task it added to an opportunity
  3. ????

Any help as well as some introduction on how to incorporate this into my production environment (we have the Enterprise edition), would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.