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Groping in Dark...Nullpointer crash in managed package

Given that Salesforce does not give out line number/apex class where the crash happened in a managed package, how would one go about debugging where the crash came from when you have 1000's of lines of code. Anyone from salesforce care to shed light? Any hidden knobs, info in debug log? The only thing I can see in debug log is the last query that executed before the crash...nothing more....








Ralph CallawayRalph Callaway

If you don't have access to the managed code you're probably SOL, although it may be worth contacting support to see if there's anything you can do.  If it's a recent change you might look through the setup audit trail to see if a recent change could be the cause of the bug.


If you are in control of the managed package, considering adding a try catch block to the code that stores the exception in a custom object or sends an email with the line number (which is available in the Exception object).


Thanks Ralph.


We are in control of the managed package. Try/Catch is a good idea, but is painful if you have to catch the entire code base as a generic solution. If groping around doesn't work, II would  update the managed package with try catch around suspected code, and install it in customer environment  to find the bug.


Anyone at SFDC with any hidden tricks?




Log a case with support. They can temporarily expose the debug logs for your package in a single org.  Then you can see the output.  



Thanks. Just did.Case Number 05735614


Needless to say, it would be helpful to enable developers to do this as part of deployment where they can turn it on or off - perhaps selectively per org (could be part of LMA package)