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Migrating workflows on a managed object

Hi All,


We have managed package installed on a sandbox. I have created some workflows on a managed object in sandbox.

I have created some workflows on the managed object.

I would now like to migrate the workflows in production. But I don't find the workflows in eclipse.


Is it possible to migrate workflows created on a managed object. ?

Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

You can use change sets.


See this for more : http://www.cloud-consulting.nl/en/Articles/Best-Practices/deployment-in-salesforcecom.html


A very good video for this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFL5RqQye2A


I hope you will be able to move workflows to your prod org

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Yes you can send workflow using change set or package.


Setup > App setup > Deploy > Outbound Change Sets


But one thing I would like to share is you can send the time dependent workflow actions but it will not go with the workflow. Means after deployment you need to map time dependent workflow action manually.



Ankit Arora

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Thanks for your responses.


I cannot use change sets , as I have to migrate to a production environment that is not connected to a sandbox org.

We are moving things to a new org.


Is this possible via Eclipse or Ant. ?

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Yes you can deploy it using eclipse. If it is not showing in your eclipse that means you have not taken workflows while creating project.




Ankit Arora

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I can see the workflows created on other object.

I don't see the workflows created on the managed object. (installed from AppExchange).

Wondering if this is something to the managed object settings



I think you cannot see workflows for managed package. VFP are visible but WF and Apex are not.




I am not trying to see the managed package workflows.

I am created custom workflows using the managed package object.


I am trying to deploy the custom workflows via Eclipse.


Then in that case I think that workflows cannot be seen if they are created for managed package object in eclipse. :(




Hi Sham ,


I am facing the same problem . were you able to resolve it or need to create workflows on managed package object manually ?


Thanks in advance.


I was not successful migrating workflows using migration tool (ANT based.) Eclipse way works fine for managed package.

I could

   get workflows on an object that was not in any package (no namespace) in source org

   and could migrate to destination org where the object was in a package (API name prefixed with namespace)


Really wish ANT way worked, at that will be very convenient. Problem to be reported to Salesforce TODO list probably.


Hi all,


I figured out how to do this with ANT after looking at the way in which Eclipse downloaded workflows.  The standard documentation does a terrible job of describing how to do this.  You need to put the name (including namespace prefix) of the custom object that the workflow is associated with into your <members> tags.







In the case of the ServiceMax work order object it's:






This will allow you to access the .workflow metadata file associated with the given custom object.  It contains all workflows and child workflow components associated with that object


Very Best,


Anupama SamantroyAnupama Samantroy
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