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Getting records from Multiple List using Soql


I have a structure of Apex Class where I use 3 Lists to get records whch are related to each by a lookup.

The objects are Assessment Template, Tabs, Titles and Questions.

The lookups are as follows:

Main Events (Assessment Template Lookup)


Assessment Template (Tabs Lookup)


Tabs (Assessment Template Lookup)


Titles (Tab Lookup)


Questions (Title Lookup)



So user creates a Assessment template record and creates the necessary tabs, Titles and then questions.

The issue i am facing here is that a template record can have multipe tab records....a tab record can have multiple title records and so on a title record can have multiple question records...

f i had to show each of these relatively on a visualforce page using do I match the Lists in Soql?

I tried using this way but the result takes all the question records and compares with all the title records and returns all the questions under both title names i used....instead of returning particular question records for a given title n so on for tabs....

Public class ParamTesting {
   public List <Id> TLid = new List<ID>();
   public List <Id> TLd = new List<ID>();
   public List <Decimal> TLtitleOrder = new List<Decimal>();
   public String TooId {get;set;}
   public List <Title__c> TL {get;set;}
   public List <Tabs__c> TB {get;set;}
   public List <Questions__c> QT {get;set;}    
   public List <Questions__c> QAT = new List<Questions__c>();
   public Set <Questions__c> QATs = new Set<Questions__c>();  
    string EtihadtId;

 public ParamTesting(ApexPages.StandardController controller) 
            EtihadtId = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id');
            Etihad_Events__c Et = [Select id, Assessment_Template__c from Etihad_Events__c where id =: EtihadtId];
            Assessment_Template__c AT = [Select name from Assessment_Template__c where id =: ET.Assessment_Template__c];
            TL = [Select id, name, Title_label__c, Question_order__c, Title_Order__c from Title__c where Title__c =: order by Title_Order__c];

           public List <Assesment_Details__c> getFetchQns()
                       for(integer j=0; j<TL.size(); j++)
                             system.debug('Size' + TL[j].id);
                 TAL = [Select id,name,title_Order__c,title__c from Title__c where title__c =:TLId];
                                     system.debug('TAL' +TAL);

                  for(integer k=0; k<TAL.size()-1; k++)
                             system.debug('Size' + TAL[k].name);
                       QT = [Select Question_Label__c, Question_Order__c, Select__c, Title__c from Questions__c where title__c =:TLid and Title__r.Title_Order__c =:TLtitleOrder];
               system.debug(' TitleId : ' + TLid);
               return QAT;
             return QT;

 Right now I am neglecting tabs. Once title works then i can include it in the hierarchy.

Is there any way we can call the records from 2 or more Lists from lookup matching?

If you have encountered the same problem please provide me a solution to it.