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UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION:group membership operation already in progress

I'm using Data Loader v21 to load in new customer portal users.  I'm getting the error mentioned in the subject for about 1% of my 12,000 users I'm loading in.  What might cause this error?


This error may come due to the following scenarios :


1. You have written a trigger in org and you are doing working on Group and GroupMember object.

2. You have given all mendatory fields while uploading the customer portal users.

3. You are assigning all those Users in a group through trigger, there would be missing something in trigger code.


Hi - were you multithreading these portal user loads? We take out a database lock on these operations to make sure our group membership data stays consistent. If you try to multi-thread the load, there is a chance that two updates will try to acquire the lock at the same time, generating the error you are seeing. Even if you are loading single-threaded, there is a small chance you may get such a lock if other users or processes are making changes to any kind of group membership at the same time.

Daniel ShaheenDaniel Shaheen
You are dealing with group membership sharing calculations.
Some of these calculations may take time based on your roles and how big is your organization.
In summer release Parallel Recalculation of Sharing Rules will be available and this might solve this problem.
It's one of these things about SFDC limits and nothing you can do to fix as these calculations takes time sometimes.