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"Generate Metadata" step takes 40 seconds and causes slow page load ... what is it?

Due to a slow-loading page in my app I did some investigation and found out the slowness is because of this "Generate Metadata" step:


 13:06:08.976|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|Generate Metadata
 13:06:47.992|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|Generate Metadata


That step alone takes almost 40 seconds while the rest of my page (including a web service callout to get a list of options for a dropdown) loads in less than 1 second.


What is the purpose of this "Generate Metadata" performance hog?  How can I remove it or at least speed it up?


This might happen when you have more data to display on this page, as it has to load the related meta data/ generate the meta data to display it on the page.


Probably what you can do is, you can use the minimal filters in the debug logs and test it out.


If you are not able to understand this, you can create a ticket with salesforce and they can provide you more details on this.


This step happens only in Development Mode, when the "Show View State in Development Mode" option is checked.

Uncheck this option under personal information and this step won't happen.