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Account,Opportunity and contact

Hi All,

          Please tell me relation in AccountOwner,OpportunityOwner and ContactOwner.They are person or company itself.

          How it is related to accountName,OpportunityName and ContactName.


         Thanks & Regards

          Prabhash Mishra


Dear Prabhash,


AccountOwner,OpportunityOwner and ContactOwner  are the fields which will be pre populated by salesforce with the help of user login. By name its they suggest that they are the owners of the corresponding Account, Opportunity and Contact.  They possess one to many relationship with Account Name, ContactName and OpportunityName.


Account Name, ContactName and OpportunityName are nothing the identity which you give for any Account, Contact and Opportunity. These are not pre populated and are self defined.


Ideally, which means I can be owner of n number of Opportunity, Contact and Account.