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RecordType issue

Hi All,

          I want to know why RecordTypes are used in salesforce.It is used  to control picklist value what it means.If there

          is any other use of RecordType than explain me.I want to know concept of RecordType.


     With Regards

     Prabhash Mishra


From Salesforce online help:


Record types allow you to offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users based on their profiles. Record types can be used in various ways, for example:
  • Create record types for opportunities to differentiate your regular sales deals from your professional services engagements and offer different picklist values for each.
  • Create record types for cases to display different page layouts for your customer support cases versus your billing cases.
Record Type Considerations
Keep the following considerations in mind when creating or changing a record type:
  • The following special picklist fields are not available for record types because they are used exclusively for sales processes, lead processes, support processes, and solution processes:
    • Opportunity Stage
    • Case Status
    • Solution Status
    • Lead Status
    You can use these fields to provide different picklist values for different record types by assigning a different process to each record type.
  • Person accounts are account records to which a special kind of record type has been assigned. These record types are called person account record types. Person account record types allow contact fields to be available on the account and allow the account to be used in many situations as if it were a contact. A default person account record type named “Person Account” is automatically created when person accounts are enabled for your organization. You can change the name of this record type, and you can create additional person account record types.
  • You cannot delete all the record types for an object if the object is referenced in an Apex script.
  • You cannot deactivate a record type if it is in use by an email routing address for Email-to-Case or On-Demand Email-to-Case.
  • To create record types for campaign members, click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Campaigns | Campaign Members | Record Types.

    Record types can only be assigned to campaign members using the Campaign Member Type field on new or existing campaigns. To assign record types to campaign members, add the Campaign Member Type field to the campaign page layout. You must have the Marketing User user permission to change the campaign member type. You can also add a read-only Campaign Member Type field to the campaign members page layout.

  • The following campaign member picklists are not available for record types:
    • Status
    • Salutation
    • Lead Source
  • Salesforce recommends creating no more than 200 record types. While there is no limit, organizations may have difficulty managing their record types if they exceed 200.


Consider you have a picklist with values A,B,C,D,E. Now, for user X(with profile XProfile) you want to show only 3 values A,B,C and for user Y (with YProfile) you want to show 4 values B,C,D,E. So you create 2 record type - RT1,RT2. In RT1 the available picklist values are A,B,C and make it default for XProfile, similarly for RT2 make available B,C,D,E and make it default for YProfile. Now when the X and Y users log in they can only see their respective picklist values.

Amit Singh1989Amit Singh1989

I am getting issue while dealing with record types.


i have an object Estimate.

followng are the fields...




and Approve (Check box)....


i have two different pagelayouts based on Approve check box...

(i am using record type and assigning them layout and based on workflow rule i am updating the field type)



it works fine in my dev org,,, but when i am creating package and installing it in new org then i am not getting such kind of assignment for Recordtypes as i did in my org....

what i am doing wrong?


Is there workaround for  Please let me know.