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Accessing ListViews in custom VisualForce Page and APEX

Hey All,


I have a custom visualforce page that allows users to edit data and create new records inline in a way that is very different from the way Salesforce supports with standard pages. I am trying to extend some ListView functionality into the page to make it easier for users to deal with having a lot of records (for example, only looking at records of a certain type, etc.). This also brings in pagination functionality.


I am aware of the <apex:listView> tag, but this does not help since I do not want the standard Salesforce view. What I am trying to do is leverage the functionality that the ListViews provide in Apex, then pass the record sets to my visualforce page and display them in the custom manner. Unfortunately, I have been unable to access the ListViews object in APEX.


Does anyone know how to utilize the ListView object (Salesforce ListView Object) inside of an Apex class? I would like to have the user define new aspects of a Listview then use it to filter the records and paginate them.