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Create Attachment from posted data

Hey all,

I am working on a multiple file uploader component and have hit a bit of a wall. My component will post each file to a visualfroce page. That visualforce page must in turn read the data that was posted (serialized as binary/base64) and create an attachment out of that. I just get a bit confused about the interplay between binary/base64/blob data. So if you know the answers to any of these questions, please let me know.


1) When data is in a regular "file" type form field, and that form is submitted, how is that file data encoded?

2) When creating an attachment object would the body be base64/binary/blob?


Currently I have a simple class that takes the data passed in the Files field and attempts to convert the content and attach it to the log object i makes.. It runs, but the attachment just displays the raw content of whatever it was passed (in this case I passed in the string (linebreaks removed of course)







This is my method


    public void attachToObject()
        Map<string,string> params = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters();
        string fileData = params.get('Files');
        blob fileContent = blob.valueOf(fileData);      
        Data_Log__c log = new Data_Log__c();          
        log.trace__c = fileData;
        insert log;
        Attachment a = new Attachment(parentId =, name='Data', body = fileContent);
        insert a;
        jsonString = '[{"delete_url":"NOT AVAILABLE","thumbnail_url":"The File","name":"''","delete_type":"DELETE","url":"theFile","size":'+fileContent.size()+'}]';


Any help is appreciate. I feel like I have a loose understanding of what I need to do, but it's still a little foggy. If anyone could even just outline the steps I'd need to take to make this happen that would be awesome. 


TL;DR: How would I take data posted from a file form field and turn it into an attachment of the same type of file as the original?


Also, the reason I am not using the built in file upload functionality is because I want this to support multiple file uploads and a much different look and feel is required. I am modifying an uploader built in jQuery that supports drag and drop, multiple files, queing, etc. It posts the files one by one to any page I specify, so I am just trying to build the handler for the files. The page talks a bit about setting it up. Notice especailly the page about setting it up without PHP.


Also this page has a section about setting it up for different server side languages. Sadly there isn't one for Apex :P


Basically pretend you were trying to build a normal file upload handler on your webserver, except I need to do in Apex. There is my question in a nutshell.


Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

Try to give ContentType field appropriate value for the Attachment object record that you insert  . I hope this will solve your problem , please let me know if any issues in it.

Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

Would I just set it to base64 or what? The guide at 
is a bit vauge. Do I set it as the content type of the actual file, or as the content being used to create the file? As far as I can tell the content coming in the post request would be base64 (certainly correct me if I am wrong) but the final file type could be anything (text documents, pictures, etc) 


I did find that guide, but he is using the visualforce upload component, which I am not. Not sure how much that changes the game, but it seems to have some properties a normal upload component would not.


Also I was looking more into the content type attribute and found this:

it seems that i probably shouldn't have to mess with it, since it's set by the posting page, correct? It should already be in the headers. Or would it just say like 'multipart/form-encoded' in the headers and hence be all screwy? If that is the case then how would I know what the content type actually is, if it's just getting bassed a big base64 blob thingy? 


A bit of an update. I have my uploader passing "data" now. if I capture the value passed in from the form field, it looks something like 




so how do I take that path to a file and turn it into an attachment?