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Mack DsozaMack Dsoza 

Formula fields

I have one field which is formula field as Income_Amount__c which stores the entire amount of every type of incomes & have one more field as Total_income__c which calculates sum of all incomes amount which is in Income_Amount__c then how to write formula for this field Total_Income__c  bcoz As I know that there is no any function like SUM in formula field...
Since i am not able to store values in Total_Income__c field by formula but when i put values directly in Total_Income__c then it shows that values in my GUI but I want SUM(Income_Amount__c) values should appear in my GUI.


Please tell me that how to write formula in this formula field...

Or needs to do by other ways then also tell me...




I completely did not Understand your problem,but what i understand is that you need sum of  Income_Amount__c in Total_Income__c.

Income_Amount__c is a formula filed which is calulating all income.You Can simply put this field in Total_Income__c and tou will get ur result in GUI without using any funtions or operators.




Mack DsozaMack Dsoza

Nope Shailu, Let me simplify my question,


My actual concept is like bill payment, you puchase certain product of different-differnt amount, but in bill it mention all product name along with their price but at the end Total price is also mentiooned...


So in my one Income_Amount__c is field which stores all the amount record by record with respective their product but I need Total so I need to sum all the amount so I used another field to store sum of all amount as Total_Income__c...


So my question is that I made Total_Income__c field as formula field & I want to write formula like this..

SUM (Income_Amount__c) means sum of all the amount will get store in Total_Income__c field automatically by taking help of formula thereafter I can fetch this field & can use this value directly..


Hope U understand wht am i trying to say...




I dont think its possible with the formula to add all the Amount_Income__c from all previous  records. So You can go for a trigger with events after insert and after update and its possible.




Thanks ,