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naresh johnnaresh john 

Visualforce rerender functionality is working very very slow

HI every one,


    I used rerender in actionsupport in my visualforce page.According to the event in actionsupport, it display the fields in visualforce page.but its taking long time to display the fields in visualforce page. Any one has any idea to speed up this so that immediately I can see the effect of rerender.


Thanks in advance,

Naresh B


Imran MohammedImran Mohammed

Make sure only the code that is required during this request is executed.

Try to use immediate attribute in the tag.


The only way that you'd be able to see your changes immediately would be if you handled your event client side.  The latency will be due to the round trip to the server.


Page 198 of the Visualforce Developer's Guide has suggestions for improving the performance of your pages.