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Shailesh DeshpandeShailesh Deshpande 

Search not returning proper results for multi-language organization.


I have implemented a simple visualforce page where i am showing a picklist called "Industry Experience" from the contact object. When a user selects some value from the picklist, the page is shows all the contacts that have the selected value.

This works fine when the logged in user is having the Language set to "English". When I login as a different user whose language is other than "English", say for eg: "Spanish", or "Portugese" then the values that are shown in my picklist are translated to that particular language and when i select a particular value and search, the page does not show any contact.


For eg:
When i login as a user whose language is English and I select a value from the picklist : "Tech: IT, Software & Computer Services" then this returns 2 contacts.

But  When i login as a user whose language is Portugese, the picklist shows me this value: "Tecnologia: Informática, Software & Serviços de Informática" instead of  "Tech: IT, Software & Computer Services". When i click search, this returns me no contact,however there are 2 contacts existing with this value.


How can i overcome this. Can anybody help me with this?