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Bhola VishwakarmaBhola Vishwakarma 

deployment error

when i am deploying i am getting an following error 


GoalAssetAssociation__c.Goal__c       Cannot update relationshipOrder


GoalAssetAssociation__c.Asset__c Cannot update referenceTo


Asset__c.Allocated_Amount__c invalid parameter value


here i have a 

custom objects called as Asset__c in which  Allocated_Amount__c Roll-Up Summary (SUM GoalAssetAssociation)

but in GoalAssetAssociation__c i have Asset__c masterdeail-relationship(Asset__c) can u help me out what will be the way to tackel the problem 




I know this is an old one but just in case,




GoalAssetAssociation__c.Goal__c       Cannot update relationshipOrder


You have 2 master deatiai relationships set up and in your production environment you must have those set up in reverse order to your sandbox, just change the first one to a lookup and then change it to a master detail and it will be secont in the order and that part wont fall over anymore.








This is probably a lookup that needs to be changed to a masterdetail before you can deploy.



Not dure on:




at a guess its a roll up that wont work without the master detail set up.


Hope that helps.