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MarkUp on Standard Object "ApexPages"



    I have a doubt to get the MarkUp of ApexPages by Querying the markup of the ApexPage. But is there any way to include the markup of the component if at all a Page has 1 or more components.


Eg: Page1 has 2 components Comp1 and Comp2.


When i get the markup of Page1 (like ApexPage page = [select markup from apexpage where Name = 'Page1']; ) ,  is it possible to identify the components in that page and also get their markup as well?







Sounds like you're up to something crazy.


Try querying for the components bodys and using replace on the page's body.


I had the idea to Query the Components and then do the replace stuff. I was eager to know if salesforce had any option. And i had this crazy question becoz i am not using this within salesforce, i was trying to replicate a salesforce website into Ruby & Rails.