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webservice class testcoverage need help


Hi All,


It is in global class. testcoverage is 18% now. Here only first start method is under coverage. I have 7 methods in execute method.


 Webservice static void execute()



private class Scheduledjob_test{
public static testMethod void Scheduledjobs()
try{StartScheduledTasks.execute();     }
catch(Exception e7){System.debug('An Exception has Occured: '+e7);}



need help...............Thanks in advance.

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The problem is that you already have the jobs scheduled, so when you attempt to schedule them in your test method, an exception occurs.  You may want to look at the Test.isRunningTest() method, so that you can skip the actual scheduling when running from a test method.

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Are you getting errors when you attempt to test the other methods?


thanks for your time

No, I don't have any errors in classes include in the webservice.





Are these autogenerated classes from a wsdl?


No, just written class, calling 3 class methods which contains simple schedulable statements.


public static void start()
         ScheduleJob_UpdateOpportunityStatusStart st = new ScheduleJob_UpdateOpportunityStatusStart();
         String sch = '0 1 * * * ?'; //Every hour offset 1 min
         System.schedule('UpdateOpportunityStatus 1', sch, st);


similar calls made from different classes.


Which pieces of code are missing coverage then?  Is it the methods that schedule the code, or the actual scheduled code?


Bob, Only the first line of start method under coverage in webservice class. this is the problem not under code coverage.

 the code is actual scheduled code, the methods using in webservice class in while calling these methods. no coverage for webservice class.


I'm struggling a little to understand the problem here.


Is it that your scheduled code (which calls out to webservices) has no coverage?


Very thankful for your time on this issue.


which i posted in start method only the scheduled code & different methods from different classes is calling


in webservice class execute method. all start methods are static, that's why calling from classname.


one person assigned task for test coverage to webservice classes. some are general we completed but this class having


different issue. you can see my code in start() only. similar methods using here.




I'm afraid I'm still not clear where the coverage is missing - is it in the scheduled code, in the web service code or elsewhere?


Bob, I need testcoverage for webservice class, its contains only calling methods of different classes as i shown in first post.


what the methods contain in different class is in Start (), which i shown. But under coverage only the first statement of any one class start() is covering & 18%  of coverage is displaying & remaining calls are not covering.





Can you post some more of the code?  I.e. the webservice class and an indication of the areas that don't have coverage.



Hello Bob,


This is complete webservice class which i have to write testcoverage. All methods are static methods in this classes having few lines of code in it. I am not understanding the issue how can i do.

  global class StartScheduledTasks  { 


   Webservice static void execute()    { 

   ScheduleJob_UpdateOpportunityInitialize.start(); //under coverage

   ScheduleJob_UpdateOpportunityInitialize.start2(); // here onwards no coverage














So you don't get any coverage, but you don't get any errors either?  Is there anything in the debug log that indicates why the test is stopping early?


Hi Bob, I didn't find any issue in my debug log. please you can see once, you can find any issue.



03:16:02.789 (789805000)|METHOD_EXIT|[6]|01p500000000HTx|ScheduleJob_UpdateOpportunityInitialize.start()
03:16:02.789 (789853000)|METHOD_EXIT|[34]|01p500000000QiN|StartScheduledTasks.execute()
03:16:02.789 (789953000)|USER_DEBUG|[35]|DEBUG|An Exception has Occured: System.AsyncException: The Apex job named "UpdateOpportunityStatus 1" is already scheduled for execution.


Here's the problem:


02:58:56.822 (822144000)|EXCEPTION_THROWN|[12]|System.AsyncException: The Apex job named "UpdateOpportunityStatus 1" is already scheduled for execution. 


Do you have existing jobs scheduled in the org?


Thanks Bob,

            Yes 10 jobs are scheduled. But, I didn't understand here the issue.


3 classes : first class contain logic what to do when schedule.

                    second class contain method calls of first class & implements schedulable

                    third class contain start methods, it contains system.schedulable method.


I have three classes like third class as i explained.


I posted the webservice class contains all this three classes start() only.

How to write testcoverage for such class? 


Please explain when it as schedule in such case.





The problem is that you already have the jobs scheduled, so when you attempt to schedule them in your test method, an exception occurs.  You may want to look at the Test.isRunningTest() method, so that you can skip the actual scheduling when running from a test method.

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Hi Bob,

I am getting same error... for the test class can you please help me.
class TestEmailNotification {
    static testmethod void testEmailNotification() {
        System.schedule(  'Demo 1', '0 0 0 * * ?', new EmailNotificationScheduler() );   
        System.schedule(  'Demo 2', '0 0 0 * * ?', new EmailNotificationScheduler(1) );