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Retrieve LOV's of a perticular recordtype



I just got into a requirement where i need to pull lov of a field based on the record type , so that i do not need to change the code , if in future more lov's are added to the record type. I know the record type and dependencies will induce into VFP by default, but as per my requirement the standard controller object and the one for which i wanted to retrieve the lovs are different.


Let me know if there is any way to do this using global describe or any thing.


Hi ,


 I am not sure if I am good enough to answer your question.But anyway,if u want to extract list of values ,u can use dataloader and in the where clause u can specify the record type id and then u can extract list of values.





Nice Try, thank you.


You didnt got my question dude, i am asking for apex solution  .Also i didnt understood dataloader thing, can you be more specific i just wanted to know that part too.




Please will you explain your problem in more detail ? 

I might help you as I have done Record type and picklist Lovs stuffs lot of :)


My problem goes like this


i am overriding the add product functionality for opportunity , so i used a vfp with standard controller to 'Opportunity'.

In the same page I need to display few picklists from product2 object too, but the tricky part here is the lov's , which are different from profile to profile , as there were few record types on product2 object. This part of getting different lov's based on profile is the one I am after.




Ihave created one Product Custom Object with some fields(one of the field is Country Pick list).I have one picklist and values of the picklist like  Country--> US,Canada,China. and

I have Three Users Like US User,Canada User and China User. 

Login with US User-->Click on Product Object tab-->Click on New Button-->Product Page Layout Displayed all fileds and Country Picklist also Three values(US, Canada and China).


My question is How to Restrict the Canada and China values in the US User(Login Time) Country Picklist?


I want to display only "US"  Value in Country Picklist(US User Login time).


How can i achive this one .


Please give me Suggestions.