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Andy Freeston_LarterAndy Freeston_Larter 

Read-only fields in a PE org



I am getting a strange result from isUpdateable when installing into a Professional Edition (PE) org.


I have a custom object that contains a Number field StatusValue and a Long Text Area field called Evidence. This is part of a managed package that was been security reviewed.


In my test class I have the following lines:

Boolean statusChangeAllowed = Schema.sObjectType.SalesMethods__MSO_Question__c.fields.SalesMethods__StatusValue__c.isUpdateable();

Boolean evidenceChangeAllowed = Schema.sObjectType.SalesMethods__MSO_Question__c.fields.SalesMethods__Evidence__c.isUpdateable(); 



When installing into an Enterprise org these are always true. They should only be false if the current user has read-only access to the object which is not the case for the test user.


When I install my product into a Professional Edition org evidenceChangeAllowed is true but statusChangeAllowed is set to false. I have no idea why a numeric field would be read-only in a PE org.


Can anyone explain why a number field in a custom object would be read-only when installing into a PE org.



-          Andy