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custom button and links problem

i have cutom button in my Expence__c


in expense_c i have a field called as entity_name__c(lookup(Account))


so i have displaytype as  List Button


behavior as Display in existing window with sidebar


and i dont know what url should be placed  so want kind of url is to be palced 


your answer will be greatly appricatied

Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

In Your case Content Source You can opt for 

1) URL : Here you can provide any valid URL 

2) OnClick JavaScript : You can execute a javascript

3) Visualforce Page : You can select any page which has Same object as Standard Controller on which you have list button and has recordSetVar as well means uses standardsetController


See this for more: 



You haven't said what behaviour your button is providing - that makes quite a bit of difference as to what URL is placed there.


What should the button do when the user clicks on it?